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Trista Yvonne Douglas is the only daughter to Grant Douglas and Harriet Douglas, being the third child born to the couple after their sons Christopher and Daniel. They struggled financially for a while, and once their father got a new job, the money started to roll in. At first, Trista loved it. She could finally have the dresses that she wanted, and the pretty hair clips she wanted, but as she watched how it changed the tune of her older brother Chris and her parents, she started to like it less. She started to reject expensive gifts because they held no meaning, and she started to look at things like how her other brother Danny did. She didn't want to look at the less fortunate and shun them, because that was them not so long ago.

Because of Danny's views, growing up, Trista looked up to Daniel far more than she did Christopher. She spent as much time as she could with Danny, because he taught her how to catch bugs and play in the dirt, and taught her that life won't always be easy. In fact, she had almost no respect for Chris, who seemed to concerned with the wealth their family had. In a way, the financial situation had turned Chris into a monster, and made Trista and Danny more leveled out as the siblings started to be different in their views on life.

Eventually though, Chris grew jealous of the close relationship that Trista had with Danny, and started to take extreme measures to fix it. It started with Chris buying Trista a fancy Barbie (she hated them, she wanted action figures, like what Danny had) and when Trista didn't accept the gift, he hit her. When he wasn't hitting her or abusing her, he was bullying her, picking on her, telling her to shut up when she was listening to the radio too softly, little things that most little girls did. And so that was how it started, and eventually the gifts stopped coming and the abuse and bullying got worse. Trista confided in Danny about what was going on, and he was the only person she could count on, and could trust. He did his best to protect her, and because of that, she would always be grateful to him. He was her hero.

Danny would do his best to protect her again December 23, 2001, when Trista's life really changed forever. She had been listening to Mariah Carey in her room, singing totally off-key but was enjoying herself, but soon her brother Chris opened the door and started yelling at her. He was trying to study, he said, and he broke her radio as she started to sob. She looked up at Chris in horror as he said that next time, he'd break more than her radio, and that made her cry more. Danny had heard the commotion and came running in, and she begged Chris to just leave her alone, and she covered her ears and hid in the corner of her bed as her brothers argued, rocking back and forth. Danny helped her with her radio and the mess that Chris had made, and when they started to leave her room to go to his, that's when it happened.

It happened all so fast: Chris punching Danny and Danny flying to the floor. Chris grabbing Trista's right arm and slicing it with a butcher knife, and she cried out in pain as the blood started to gush from her arm. As Chris laughed and started to call down to their family to tell them that Danny had hurt her, Danny was the one holding her arm to stop the bleeding, trying to calm her down despite her screaming. The cops were called and she screamed more when they tried to take Danny away from her, and when they asked her what happened and her parents told her to tell them that Danny hurt her, she refused. She told the truth, but no one listened. No one ever did.

Three days into the new year, Trista had come home from a doctor's appointment, a check up on her now scarred arm, to find a note from Danny, telling her he was leaving. That this would be better for her. She held onto that letter and cried the hardest she had ever cried that night, knowing that things wouldn't get better. They never would. Now that Danny was gone, Trista had started to lose all hope of ever getting out of her family home.

After her arm healed, though poorly, now left with a huge scar, Trista did her best to try to keep her chin up now that Danny was gone. By the time she had hit 18, she was more than ready to get away from her family and her abusive brother. She ended up going to California, to University of California, Berkeley where she majored in business. She wanted to learn how to go into business for herself, how to make sure that she would never be under control of a man such as her brother Chris ever again, and vowed she would cut her family out of her life. Once she left, she started to go by her middle name, Yvonne, as she wanted to leave her old life as Trista far far behind her.

While in college, and finishing her degree, Yvonne used rather shifty methods to get what she wanted. Determined that she could do whatever it took to get ahead, she sometimes seduced professors into getting better grades, and soon got a few of her friends to do it too. Soon she realized that this could be her business opportunity: plenty of men were looking for a younger girl to spend time with, and the girls could get something out of it. She graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 2008, and by then had built a relatively good business for herself. She had become the boss of a group of ten women who served as her escorts, and they built up such a good set of clients, that without knowing it, she was stealing men from other escort companies operating in California.

This caught the attention of a Madame living in New York City, after hearing that a senator prefered to go to Yvonne's girls rather than hers. After a few phone calls, the woman flew Yvonne out to New York City and offered her a co-partnership. The catch would be that the woman would take control of the West Coast jobs, and Yvonne would take over the East Coast. The woman offered the idea to Yvonne, thinking that the much younger woman would fail as she didn't know the East Coast at all, but Trista ended up thriving in her first month. By the time she had settled into New York City, unknown to her, her brother Danny had already moved on to Boston.

As business grew in New York, Yvonne started to look to other major cities. Washington DC was too easy of a sell, because the politicians there were all shady to begin with. There would be no challenge there. So she focused on New York, making it into an empire that ended up making her enough money to pay off the police, as well as cut herself off from her family completely by the time she was 25. While her family protested, Yvonne had learned how to hide under the radar thanks to a few things she picked up from Danny when they were kids, and she managed to not only avoid her parents, but Christopher as well.

That was, until 2014, when one of the girls came back to Yvonne at the hotel they worked out of, with a cut on her arm. She said it had been a message sent to Yvonne, and she didn't need to know who it was from. She went to the room that the girl had come from and found her brother Christopher waiting for her. He proceeded to tell her that he always knew where she had been, and he knew where Danny was too, but wouldn't tell her where exactly he lived. Yvonne hated the idea of Christopher knowing where Danny was, even if she didn't, and found herself getting furious and upset. She begged him not to go anywhere near their brother, once again falling into fear when she was around Christopher. He said that he couldn't, and wouldn't promise that, but told Yvonne to keep her mouth shut. They fought and argued, and once Yvonne said that he was a failure, they physically fought. He brought out a knife and sliced her arm, the same arm he had sliced when she was 15, cutting directly over the scar. She fought back the best that she could, some how managing to get the knife out of his hand and shoving it into his leg, but after that, Chris's reaction was immediate. She was punched directly in the face, and she blacked out from the loss of blood and the pain.

When she woke up, she was also cut deeply in the side, and was alone with a phone in her hand ready to dial 911. Losing a lot of blood, she called one of her employees instead, who was also a doctor, who came and stitched her up. It wasn't until after the pain was mostly gone, and she wasn't bleeding as much anymore that she found that Christopher had left her with a note. It said that from now on Christopher had to see all her girls for free, and she would be paying him to keep quiet, or he'd come back and finish the job by finally killing her. Furious, but knowing she had no other choice if she wanted to keep her life, she agreed and kept quiet, all while biding her time, waiting for the right chance to run.

That chance came when her company had found the perfect place to branch out to: Boston. Yvonne moved to the city immediately, moving officially to the city on June 28, 2015. For the most part, she has stayed in Back Bay, where she now lives and operates her escort business out of, and for fear of being caught or noticed, she hardly ever leaves the building she lives in. When she does leave, she does so in a disguise, usually wearing a red wig.

Until one day in July 2015, she had decided to face her fear and went out into the city and explored as herself, no disguises, and no more hiding. So in her travels, she happened upon an interesting sex toy shop called Frisky Business and decided to go inside, having no idea who would be there working that day...

• Is an 'entertainment' entrepreneur of sorts.
• Uses sexuality to get what she wants/thinks she deserves.
• Is obsessed with keeping herself in top physical condition, and is trained in self defense.
• Capable of making herself disappear at a moment's notice.
Prone to using disguises when she needs to blend in and go unnoticed.
• Has a mother and father she is no longer close to/has cut ties with.
• Has learned very large lessons due to her own personal failure, and it has shaped her as a woman.
• Has various facial scars; Yelena has had facial surgery at many times in her life, and that has left her partially scarred.

• Skilled in Martial Arts
• Skilled in Espionage
• Expert Sharpshooter
• Olympic Level Gymnast & Athlete
• Black Widow Gauntlets (Tear-gas pellets, radio transmitter, spring-loaded cable, small device capabe of emitting a high-frequency electrostatic charge, explosives, knock out gas

• The last thing she has of Danny is the letter that he wrote her when he left. She has kept this letter with her in her wallet, and it is with her constantly - to the point where if she leaves out of her wallet, she freaks out until it's back with her. Some people have saint pendants to look over them, Yvie has her brother's letter. It's a reminder that somewhere out there, there is someone who used to look out for her, and it's a reminder that there is someone that she can still trust with her life. • Due to her brother Christopher's constant attacks on her when they were young, this prompted Yvie to not only take self defense classes but to also learn how to fire a gun, as well as get trained in other weaponry. While she hasn't had to use anything yet, she knows she's fully prepared to face Chris or any attacker if they come for her.

• But due to the fact that she is so terrified of her brother Chris ever coming back to control her life, she has spent most of her time changing how she looks, going by different names, and finding ways to disappear in plain sight. Up until Chris found her in late 2014, this was working very well. She is now terrified that Chris will come find her in Boston and finish the job, and she hates how scared that makes her.

• All of the major scars she has all come from her older brother. The most noticeable one other than the large scar on her arm, is the scar from a knife on her cheek.

She was extremely close to her brother Danny when they were growing up, but once he left for New York, they lost contact. She, of course, understood, and while it hurt to know he left, she was happy that he was able to make a new life for himself away from their family and their older brother. Her only regret is that she wished she somehow had been able to go with him.

• Until recently, she had no idea that Danny was living in Boston. As desperately as she wanted to see him and tell him how much she missed him and how much she had changed, she didn't want to disrupt his life. She respects and cares for him too much for that, and is worried that when she does see him again, that he'll be upset to see one of the reminders of why he left North Carolina.

• Thanks to her time of working as an escort here and there for the more high profile clients, Yvie has gotten good at switching into other personas and accents. Because of this, she doesn't always use her southern accent unless it is around people she is comfortable with - which is hardly anyone these days.

Grant Douglas
Harriet Douglas
Chris Douglas

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